AWS Misc #1: Hand-Drawn Tape
AWS Misc #1: Hand-Drawn
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This library of hand-drawn AWS shapes is actually a collection of smaller libraries grouped together. 

This one library includes the shapes from the smaller original AWS libraries:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Desktop App Streaming
  • Developer Tools
  • Game Development
  • Mobile Services
  • SDKs
Since official libraries listed above all only have a couple shapes each, so I've bunched them together into this library.

You can always assign the shapes you want to use to your Favorites panel, or just use quick search to look them up by name or tag.

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Other AWS libraries in this series:

McQuillen Interactive
rekognition, polly, machine learning, lex, workspaces, appstream 2.0, x-ray, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, GameLift, MobileHub, DeviceFarm, Pinpoint, Mobile Analytics, Cognito, API Gateway, Toolkit for Visual Studio, CLI, Android
# shapes:
SimpleDiagrams Library License
The AWS simple icons are copyright Amazon. These are a hand-drawn variation for use with SimpleDiagrams. You can find Amazon's original set of icons is here:
Date Added:
May 26, 2017