AWS Analytics : Hand-Drawn Tape
AWS Analytics : Hand-Drawn
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A free library of hand-drawn versions of the AWS Analytics shapes. These are just a small portion of the complete AWS Simple Icon library set by Amazon. I'll be releasing hand-drawn versions of other parts of the library soon.

You could always just drag the original Amazon SVG files directly into your diagram, because SimpleD lets you do that.'re more sophisticated than that. You like style. You're rugged, yet refined. "Yes, that is me!" Yes, it is you. And this library's for you. Use these shapes for your next quick AWS cloud architecture diagram and be admired. 

Don't have SimpleDiagrams yet? Download the free 7-day trial.

Also, remember that in v4 you can create a custom palette. So a quick tip is to make a custom palette of Amazon standard colors so it's easy to change between them when you want.

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SimpleDiagrams Library License
The AWS simple icons are copyright Amazon. These are a hand-drawn variation for use with SimpleDiagrams. You can find Amazon's original set of icons is here:
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April 04, 2017