Word bubbles

October 17, 2014

Two more free libraries are now available: Word Bubbles #2 and Word Bubbles #3, both by designer Diana Stanciulescu.

Diana has a great, informal style I think you'll like, so give these a shot and let me know how they look in your own work. In fact, you're probably already using some of her work since she did a custom set of word bubbles that gets packaged directly into the app.

Note that the word bubbles come with their text areas pre-configured to fit within the bounds of the bubble, even if the bubble is oddly shaped. This is ability to configure where a shape's text appears is a new feature in v3.

If you want to change a shape's text position, just right-click the shape in the library and select "Edit Shape Properties" and then click the "Text" tab in the popup that appears. That tab gives you a simple way to control where the text appears in your shape.

Once you've done that, when you start entering text into your shape, it will position accordingly...

Word bubble text positioning example

And of course, if you need to do something crazier, you could always just position text boxes above your shape wherever you need them. In that case, it helps to lock your shape (control - L) so it doesn't get selected while you're moving text boxes above it.

Keep watching the library as I'll be filling in more libraries in the next few week, both free and premium.