Version 4.0.21 released : Time to make some blobs.

June 20, 2017

The latest release, v4.0.21, is for all of you that wanted to create amorphous blobs in your diagrams. Because what good is a diagram without an amorphous blob here and there? Blobs help group. Blobs help associate. Blobs unite your thoughts and convince your viewers that you actually know what you're talking about. Blobs are the answer to all your problems, big and small.

So, now you can create lots of blobs, which we've formally termed 'Polyshapes.'

Start with your line connector (not pencil or marker) tool. When you draw any multi-segmented connector line, you'll now notice a small circle next to your cursor when you hover over the start of the line while drawing. That means if you mouse-up you'll connect the end of your line to the beginning of your line and have a wonderful, blobby shape to color and texturize.

If you want to modify the blob, err Polyshape, just double-click it. You'll then enter blob-editing mode, and can move around the control points, add or remove those control points, or double-click a control point to toggle that segment between curved to straight.

So remember, when editing a Polyshape you can
  • Hold shift to remove control points
  • Double-click a control point to toggle segment between straight and curved.
  • Click a "+" circle to add a control point.
  • Double-click anywhere outside the shape to return to regular mode
As always let me know what you think.