Version 3.2 Alpha

June 23, 2015

Horay! I've posted an alpha version for the upcoming 3.2 release. It's only .air right now but I'll probably release the .exe and .dmg installers by the end of the week.

For those of you who use Adobe AIR, you can DOWNLOAD THE V3.2 ALPHA .AIR INSTALLER NOW. If you like to use the native installers, hold on, I'll post those by the end of the week.

There are three main new features in this release:

  • Better connectors
  • Rich text
  • Complex shapes

I'll quickly describe each of them below just to get you interested. I'll post more details on the features to the docs when we release 3.2 for realz.

Better Connectors

You now have three line connector tools available to you: straight, curved and freehand. So you can draw complex lines with multiple segments. We've needed this for quite some time and it's finally here!

Click and hold the line tool in order to select which type of line you want to draw. If you're drawing straight or curved lines, hold down the shift key while you draw your line if you want to draw more than one segment. 

If you're drawing freehand, just go for it -- draw whatever line you want and SimpleD will try to match what you've drawn with a proper connector line.

After you're finished, you can modify your line by dragging the green handles, or add new segments by clicking the little "+" circles. Hold down shift if you want to delete a segment (the "+" circles will turn red and show a "-" instead).

Rich Text

Ok, this one was a long time in coming as well. You can now select portions of text and style them as you'd like. Before you could only apply a style to the whole text block.

SimpleDiagrams is supposed to help you keep your diagrams simple, so I urge you to go easy on formatting and the use of different fonts. Try to keep things simple and consistent.

Complex shapes

This one is really cool. You can build up a "complex" shape by selecting a bunch of simple elements -- shapes, lines, images, and text -- and then selecting "Libraries > Create Complex Shape" to add your new shape to a custom library. Then all you need to do is drag it out onto your diagram whenever you need it. 

Each of the child elements in the complex can be edited after you drag it out, kind of like editing an item in a group. However, you can't add or change text to a child shape, only text areas.

The "For Realz" Version Coming Soon

The official release v3.2 will probably be out in a couple weeks.

As I mentioned above, I'm hoping to get native installers (.dmg and .exe) for the alpha version in the next week or so. I hope some of the more adventurous of you try out the alpha and let me know what you think!