Version 3.2.14 Released

July 22, 2015

This was a quick update to address some more small bugs, plus a couple small new features. Here's a quick rundown:

Library Background Colors

A number of you wrote in asking "Where's the shape I just dragged into my custom library?" Often the issue was that the shape was black and it couldn't be seen against the library's dark background. This will trouble you no more. Either right-click the library or use the dropdown menu at the top of the libraries panel and select "Library Properties." 

The Library Properties dialog will allow you to set the background color on any library. This is helpful when you have, for example, lots of black shapes and therefore want a lighter background.

So this image below doesn't make much sense, since the white shapes look best on a dark background, but you get the idea. And maybe you like rust colors.

Alt or Alt-Shift to Draw Connectors

Sometimes you just want to draw a connector. You say "dang, just let me draw a connector." Well now, no matter what tool you have selected, just hold down the alt key. Immediately shapes near your cursor will show their connector points and you can start dragging a line from any one of those points.

As an added bonus, hold down shift after you start your line if you want to do a multi-segment line.

Why did it take me so long to get that feature into SimpleDiagrams? 

Helpful Font Up/Down Buttons

Some great user feedback led to some nice font size up/down buttons being added on the properties panel. I hope they make working with your text easier.

Complex Shape Colorizing Rules
If you create a complex shape, sometimes you want the child shapes it contains to change to whatever colors are selected when you drag the shape out. Sometimes you don't. So you can now configure this via the "Colors" tab on your Shape Properties window. You can also set these when you first create a complex shape.

I'll post a video on complex shapes soon, because they're really quite cool.