Version 3.2.12 Released (and "Feedback is awesome").

July 08, 2015

Just posted version 3.2.12. For a list of features and fixes, please check out the Product History page.

I'll try to put up a video on some of the new features by the end of the week.

In the meantime, if you want to share your thoughts on where SimpleD is going, I put together a quick three-minute questionnaire. Every piece of feedback helps me make the app better.

Just today somebody said "Why do you need the blue screen when you launch."

Ehh...wait a minute. My blue startup screen? I love that blue startup screen. You don't like the blue startup screen?

But you know what...that guy is totally right. The app should at least offer the option to launch directly into a new document. I thought the "startup" screen was helpful but now I see that for some users it's just wasting time.

Granted, some users may well find it useful (it is a common pattern used in other apps like Adobe Flash CC) but thanks to this feedback I've got a better idea of its value. So in the next version I think I'm going to creat an option to hide that screen.

Feedback is awesome.