Version 3.1 aka Roscoe

January 23, 2015

Christmas is past, New Year's is a faint echo, and now three weeks in January I'm here to tell you: Roscoe is coming.

Yes, Version 3.1 of SimpleD is coming and its codename is Roscoe. What does Roscoe mean to you? What could Roscoe possible promise to make your Friday better and more sweeter yet still so tragic after those three donuts you shouldn't have eaten, if only the iPhone wasn't eroding your self will...

Behold. Here's a shortlist of the stuff I'm almost promising. Almost promise. Isn't that obnoxious?

  1. Master tab (finally a way to have one element show up in the same place on all tabs)
  2. More marker styles
  3. Distribute buttons 
  4. Paste in place
  5. Export part of diagram
  6. Better SVG export 
  7. Preview shape on hover
  8. Middle button click to pan
  9. Better font preview
  10. Copy from clipboard
  11. Lotsa bug fixes....

And more. Stay tuned.

And of course more libraries.

And of course more documentation.

But I doubt I'll get to those tutorial videos. Somebody want to help?