Using Adobe Shape to create a shape for SimpleDiagrams

October 28, 2014

I was messing around with Adobe Shape today (only available for iOS right now), which basically allows you to sketch something, take a photo of it and have it instantly converted to a vector image.

I'll describe quickly what I did here and write a longer post on the individual steps later this week.

Here's the sketch I started out with:

I took a photo with Adobe Shape and then saved the resulting vector shape to my "Library" in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Once the shape is uploaded to Creative Cloud, I was able to access it via Adobe Illustrator. In Illustrator I added a layer for the shape fill, and then named each layer "_stroke" and "_fill" so SimpleDiagrams will know which is which (more about why this is done in the docs).

I then saved my shape as an SVG and dragged the .svg file into a new custom library in SimpleDiagrams.

Le voilĂ . My sketch is now a vector shape in SimpleDiagrams with configurable colors and textures.

More soon...

(You can download the final fish svg here.)