Some new features in 4.0.23

May 09, 2017

SimpleDiagrams is great for doing simple diagrams, but I've always wanted SimpleD to have some more powerful drawing tools. So for v4.0.21 we're working on some ways to create arbitrary shapes.

Part of that feature set will include a better line tool. You can already draw complex connector lines: just down ALT when creating a new line to create multi-segment lines, and then use the green handles to modify the line further. But now in 4.0.21, you'll also be able to join the ends of the line to make a complete, filled shape which can then be styled.

What's that good for? Well things like floor plans, regions of interest, geographic feature or nameless blobs that have no real meaning but look just right.

Also, watch for some new, more complex shapes in 4.0.21 that help you do business dashboards. All coming soon...