SimpleDiagrams Version 4 coming very soon...

January 03, 2017

We've been working hard on the v4 release, which I'm hoping to release sometime in early 2017. It's going to be that much easier to create some great diagrams, network diagrams, business process flows, landscape plans, or whatever else you're trying to illustrate quickly. As always, the focus is on keeping things simple and quick.

Here's a short list of some great new features. 

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  • Online Libraries: we're talking a huge number of shapes.
  • Presentation Mode: for when you're doing a video or skype or something like that.
  • Quick search: kind of like spotlight search on Mac OS.
  • Quick styles: apply some preset custom styles.
  • Style eyedropper: pick up and drop styles with ease.
  • Better SVG support
  • Rulers (why did this take so long?)
  • Custom palettes: some very nice palettes, just for you. And the ability to create your own.
  • Direct printing: Ha! Finally!
  • Sizing document in meters or feet: for those of you doing maps and stuff.
  • ...and lots of smaller fixes and updates.