New version 3.3.11 for your Diagrams

September 13, 2016

You thought I was off clowning around and not doing any work. So untrue. So untrue. Well maybe partially true. But I did fix a bunch of bugs and now you've got version 3.3.11 ready for you. It's made with love. It's made with patience. It's still made with Apache Flex and Adobe AIR captive runtime for both Mac OS and Windows.

What? Yes, Apache Flex and Adobe AIR captive runtime. It doesn't get the love or attention like AngularElectronReactsYourFace but I swear it is *still* the most productive cross-platform environment....ever....friggin'....made. If I could drop my keyboard without breaking it I'd do it now. All this is possible because the Apache Flex team keeps doing awesome stuff. Thanks Apache flex guys.

So download 3.3.11 today and get your diagrams on. I'm gotta some more work.

(By the way, happy to say that SimpleD is almost at 100k trial downloads. Gosh, just think if all those people who gave SimpleD a shot just all of a sudden got up and said 'danggit I'm going to buy that stupid program right now'...)

(Yes, yes. Ok so your next question is how many people have actually bought a license? To-date, it's just above 5,000 people, so I don't know what the heck's wrong with those other 95,000...)