Latest AWS Library : Security / Identity / Compliance

May 03, 2017

We've got another shape library for those of you doing simple diagrams of Amazon Web Services architectures, processes and so on. These libraries are for all of you wrangling AWS : devops, systems architects, network engineers, etc. etc.

This is the fifth in our series of AWS shape libraries with that classic, you-know-you-love-it hand-drawn style. Like the other AWS libraries, you can download it free...

Remember that, as with all SimpleD shapes, you can get some neat hand-drawn styles by just changing the texture on your stroke and fill colors:

Here's the current set of all the AWS libraries we've done so far:
Stay tuned for the rest of the shapes from the AWS simple icon set. 

You can find Amazon's original set of icons is here: ... remember it's easy to use any SVG by simply dragging it into your document, or into a 'custom library' (use the Libraries > New custom library menu option).