Version 3.2 Alpha

June 23, 2015

Horay! I've posted an alpha version for the upcoming 3.2 release. It's only .air right now but I'll probably release the .exe and .dmg installers by the end of the week.

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Some basic shapes for sailing.

May 22, 2015

Well I'm based in Melbourne now and sailing is a big deal here, so I thought I'd put together a quick, free shape library for racing.

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PKI-IO Uses SimpleDiagrams for Architecture Docs

May 17, 2015

Fraser Scott sent me a note recently to mention that he used SimpleDiagrams to post some architecture docs for his open source X.509 certificate management software.

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V3.1 is out....and we're already working on new features for V3.2

May 07, 2015

Writers get to say stuff like "the ink hasn't even dried and I'm already blah blah" after finishing something and move on to some other major project. What do we software geeks get to say when we're on a streak? How about "the friggin' bits for version 3.1 haven't even been sharded on S3, man, and we're already working on new v3.2 features, what's up?!!" That sounds terrible doesn't it. 

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Cooking shapes

April 08, 2015

I was messing around with some cooking shapes in preparation for a tutorial I was working on (the tut is live now in the tutorials section). I figured I'd package these up into a library in case somebody found them useful. 

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Whaddya think

April 01, 2015

I always like to hear what users think about SimpleD. Getting your feedback means I know what features to prioritize, what bugs I've missed, and where to go next with the app. So please don't hesistate to send me a note with your thoughts, complaints and wish lists. Drop me a line at

Also, I've started trying to collect reviews on my Capterra site, so if you have a moment, please add a review:

SimpleDiagrams on Capterra

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It's All About Confidence

March 31, 2015

Helen McCarthy over at Blog With Confidence just released a free guide to creating visual content for your blog.

She included SimpleDiagrams in her list of tools. Thanks Helen!

Get your free copy here:

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Guest Diagram : Predicting Gas Usage

February 15, 2015

This week I received an email from e-Learning expert Matt Grist of Junifer Systems. Matt had a few comments on the software (thanks Matt) and shared a SimpleDiagram he created for one of his online training courses.

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New free library

February 04, 2015

Here's a new library from Diana S. Just some basic shapes with a bit of a hatching on the side. We had to do arrows in each direction since the perspective would be off if you flipped them. 

Do you like this style? Let me know and I'll ask Diana if she can create some more.

Download the library here:

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Version 3.1 aka Roscoe

January 23, 2015

Christmas is past, New Year's is a faint echo, and now three weeks in January I'm here to tell you: Roscoe is coming.

Yes, Version 3.1 of SimpleD is coming and its codename is Roscoe. What does Roscoe mean to you? What could Roscoe possible promise to make your Friday better and more sweeter yet still so tragic after those three donuts you shouldn't have eaten, if only the iPhone wasn't eroding your self will...

Behold. Here's a shortlist of the stuff I'm almost promising. Almost promise. Isn't that obnoxious?

  1. Master tab (finally a way to have one element show up in the same place on all tabs)
  2. More marker styles
  3. Distribute buttons 
  4. Paste in place
  5. Export part of diagram
  6. Better SVG export 
  7. Preview shape on hover
  8. Middle button click to pan
  9. Better font preview
  10. Copy from clipboard
  11. Lotsa bug fixes....

And more. Stay tuned.

And of course more libraries.

And of course more documentation.

But I doubt I'll get to those tutorial videos. Somebody want to help?

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Modern teenager management.

November 15, 2014

An SD user (who wants to remain anonymous, although this could be her ticket to a speaking tour) sent me this example of modern teenager management. The diagram was distributed to all parties involved. Who can argue now that the rules weren't clear?

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Flipping shapes

November 13, 2014

Recently SD user Jon Cavanaugh asked why he couldn't flip a shape in order to get a word bubble to face the other direction.

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Upcoming feature in 3.1 : Marker Pen

November 10, 2014

Andriy and I are working on a simple marker pen tool for version 3.1. Here's the current implementation. I think it looks too much like a dry brush or crayon.

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Using Adobe Shape to Create Sketch Shapes, Part II

November 07, 2014

I'm having fun creating shapes with Adobe Shape, so I thought I'd capture in a bit more detail the steps I'm taking to draw a shape, capture it, and then bring it into SimpleDiagrams.

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Using Adobe Shape to create a shape for SimpleDiagrams

October 28, 2014

I was messing around with Adobe Shape today (only available for iOS right now), which basically allows you to sketch something, take a photo of it and have it instantly converted to a vector image.

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New Feature Sneak Peak: Font Preview

October 27, 2014

Recently a couple of SD users asked for a font preview on the font selector. You all asked kindly, but you could have shouted because, really, what good is a font selector without a preview?! Good news. The feature's been implemented and will be released in v3.1, due out sometime before the new year...

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Word bubbles

October 17, 2014

Two more free libraries are now available: Word Bubbles #2 and Word Bubbles #3, both by designer Diana Stanciulescu.

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Enter the Shape Libraries!

October 15, 2014

I was finally able to get a few of the libraries posted today! Peter Vlk is the first artist to have his shapes packaged for SimpleDiagrams v3. Petr, who did a great set of libraries for version 2 of SimpleDiagrams, is working to update all of his "Vector Doodlekit" shapes for use in SimpleDiagrams v3. Today I posted his entertainment and communication libraries.

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V3 is finally here!

October 01, 2014

OH YEAH! SimpleDiagrams v3 is finally here. I've just finished getting the new installers built and the new site up and running. Now it's finally ready for you to use.

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