Create simple diagrams quickly

SimpleDiagrams2 is a small desktop application that helps you express your ideas quickly and simply. There's just enough functionality to describe a thought or capture a process.

SimpleDiagrams2 keeps the visual expression of ideas clear through the simple design of library items and backgrounds. Because the last thing you want to do is overload your audience with over-cooked visuals.

Simple. Easy. Fun.

Hating on your complex diagramming software? Come on, you've got better things to do. Making a diagram with SimpleDiagrams2 is simple and easy...dare we say fun. And with a standard friendly visual language, your diagrams are consistent and cohesive.

  • Drag, drop and size symbols from libraries
  • Add photos and post-notes
  • Various background styles (chalkboard, whiteboard, etc.)
  • Create multi-diagram documents with tabs
  • Save diagrams on your computer
  • Export your diagram to PNG and PDF
  • Create custom libraries

And, since SimpleDiagrams2 is built on the Adobe AIR™ platform, it will run smoothly on Mac and Windows.

Here's a screenshot of the application in use:


SimpleDiagrams2 is easy to use and you'll be creating your diagrams in no time.


Feedback? Ideas for more library symbols?
Send me an email.

Looking for SimpleDiagrams Version 1? You can download version 1.5.20 here: Download installer here.