Explain Yourself. Visually.

A desktop app for creating fast, clear sketches of problems, processes, workflows, ideas and more!

Here's how it works.

  • Downloadable desktop application.
  • Comes with over 500 pre-drawn shapes.
  • Create custom libraries for your own shapes.
  • Download new libraries to visualize new solutions.
  • Export your work to PDF, PNG or SVG.
  • Create simple visualizations to communicate your ideas to your team, students or clients.

Easily create sketches for any purpose.

SimpleDiagrams is easy to use, and good for lots of stuff:

UI Diagrams

Process Flows

Mind maps


Maps & Plans

Simple UML

...and more. With plugin shape and background libraries,
the possibilities are endless.


SimpleDiagrams changed my life, man. Really. I couldn't draw understandable information before it. Last year I gave more than 20 lectures in several conferences and at work. SimpleDiagrams was in every single one of them.
I truly consider your software to be a master piece. It allows me to go straight to the point and keeps me focused.
Best diagram app on the market!
SimpleDiagrams takes the intimidation factor out of conveying complex concepts, allowing focus on the ideas and connections between ideas.
I love SimpleDiagrams. It's easy to use.

Perfect for tool for visual communication.

We like to call it 'Simple D'
  • Don't waste time with complex diagramming or presentation tools.
  • Simple style means simple message.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use.
  • A wide selection of shape libraries to visualize new solutions.

Become a Simple D Shape Designer.

Adobe Capture on iPhone

Are you an avid sketcher? Would you like to offer your own shapes on the SimpleDiagrams Libraries page for all the community to enjoy, for free or for sale?

If so, apply to be a shape designer. Email me today: daniel@mcquilleninteractive.com to find out more.

Here's a few of our current designers.

(By the way, it's easy to create your own shapes. Watch this tutorial to see how.)

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